WHATS WRONG WITH FLOOPERT! | Buddinpals (Full Game)

Thanks again to the developer for the copy, I had a great time playing and if you guys want more I can shoot for some of the additional endings.

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Get Buddinpals yourself at https://store.steampowered.com/app/952050/Buddinpals__Take_One_Home_With_You/

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WOW! A Buddinpal! Yes, a Buddinpal of your very own.

Buddinpals is a variety virtual pet game, inspired by the casual, hidden-gem games of the mid-2000’s. It takes place in the dorm room of Brian, who’s a bit irked by his new exotic animal. But he’ll get over it!* Name your pet, take care of it, dress it up and do stuff together! He’s so lucky to have a pet that gets him so well…something seems off about it all though. Eh, it’s probably nothing too serious!

An hour of fun gameplay with good amounts of replayability!

Over 30+ items!

Play with 2-4 players locally in Party Mode!

An unlockable, harder New Game+ for seasoned pet owners

Several alternate endings

An original soundtrack is always a plus…!

You, giggling with enjoyment! (Unless you wanna be more masculine)

*The green Buddinpal there said this. Brian never truly gets over it.

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