The Suffering Ties That Bind Cutscenes – Survival Horror – SCARY MONSTERS (The Suffering)

The Suffering Ties That Bind Cutscenes – Survival Horror For The PS2 (The Suffering) ? My name is 20BitWill and this is the survival horror game The Suffering The Ties That Bind. This is part 2 to the amazing horror game The Suffering. In this video I show you all the cutscenes that take place in The Suffering Ties That Bind.
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The Suffering: Ties That Bind is a video game developed by Surreal Software and published by Midway Games, released in 2005 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game consoles as well as the PC. The Xbox version of the game is not supported by the Xbox 360’s backwards compatibility feature.
It is the sequel to The Suffering, and picks up after the ending of that game. Players who have a game save of the different endings of The Suffering can decide with which morality to start with, starting with a different morality changes the dialogue and intro of the game.
“Ties That Bind” features a number of gameplay changes from the original ”The Suffering”. The player can no longer carry around xombium bottles to refill their health whenever they need to, and instead must rely on stationary pickups located throughout the level. The player is also now limited to only carrying two weapons at a time.

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