THE MANNEQUIN ► Scary Indie Horror Game ►Full Playthrough(No Commentary)

THE MANNEQUIN ► Scary Indie Horror Game ►Full Let’s Play Gameplay Playthrough(No Commentary) Hello my name is 20BitWill and this is a pc horror game gameplay of The Mannequin.

Gruesome deaths. Unsolved disappearances. A house that warps between the present day and 1958. Something inhuman in the attic. A 60-year-old mystery to be solved – if you can survive the experience.

The Mannequin is a first-person narrative horror game which blends terror with distress. Only you can uncover the truth about what really happened in this timelost London home, even as reality shifts around you and a malevolent entity – the silent, cold staring Mannequin – pursues you at every turn.

Throughout this video, you’ll be seeing…
► The full gameplay walkthrough demo of The Mannequin
► How to solve the basic picture puzzle in The Mannequin
► All the scary moments that the Mannequin has to offer

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