The Levels That Ruined My Weekend! – Super Meat Boy – Gameplay [#13]

PART 12:

Hell is the fourth world in Super Meat Boy. As the name suggests, it is a sinister, subterranean area near the core of the planet, filled with boiling magma, twisted creatures, and bizarre feats of nature. It is here that Meat Boy discovers a grisly new element of his apparent immortality: when a Meat Boy dies, his corpse falls into Hell as his spirit reincarnates in an identical body. The boss of the world, Little Horn, is actually an enormous conglomerate of these corpses, seemingly given life by (or at least under the control of) Dr. Fetus.

Hell is noticeably more difficult and complex than the previous worlds; its levels tend to be fairly cramped, with magma and buzzsaws everywhere. Other hazards include spikes (although less frequently than in other worlds), crushing pistons, and strange openings that constantly spit out balls of magma that can roll and bounce around the level. New enemies include laser-firing eyeballs which swivel towards Meat Boy, and “Black Maws” which appear out of portals and explode into eight miniature versions when they touch walls. Hell also introduces red portals which transport Meat Boy and enemies alike between them, sometimes in the least logical fashion possible.

The introduction cutscene to this chapter is a reference to the NES game Ninja Gaiden.

Hell is preceded by The Salt Factory and succeeded by The Rapture.

Music used in this chapter:

Light World: Hot Damned (PC/Xbox) / Secret Satana (PS4/Wii U)

Dark World: Devil n Bass (PC/Xbox) / Hell Toupé (PS4/Wii U)

Boss: Meat Golem (PC/Xbox) / Fasten Your Meatbelts (PS4/Wii U)

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