Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster ► All Cutscenes – (Resident Evil 1080p)

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster ► All Cutscenes – (Resident Evil 1080p) — Hey there buddy my name is 20BitWill and this is all the cutscenes from Resident Evil Zero (RE0) with no commentary.
Throughout this video, I’ll showing you…
► All the Resident Evil Zero cutscenes
► An amazing no commentary horror game
►Resident Evil 0 in full HD 1080p

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Faced with the relentless undead and other horrifying creatures, S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers makes an alliance with Billy Coen, an escaped criminal. Unknowingly, Rebecca stumbles into the prelude of an event where she will be tested to her limits and her greatest fears will be realized. Together, Billy and Rebecca must survive the nightmare and expose the dark secrets of what has caused it.

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Resident Evil 0, known in Japan as biohazard 0‎ , is a survival horror game that was developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo GameCube and released in 2002. It is the fifth game in the Resident Evil series by release order and was the last of the core titles to use the original Multi-View gameplay system prior to the release of Resident Evil 4.

A remastered, high definition version of the game has been released in January 2016, known in Japan as the biohazard 0 HD remaster. It was also included in the Origins Collection.

The game’s storyline serves as a prequel to the original Resident Evil, covering Rebecca Chambers’ ordeal a day prior to the Arklay Laboratory incident.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster ► All Cutscenes – Resident Evil 1080p

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