Resident Evil Outbreak ► All Cutscenes – File #1 Gameplay (RE)

Resident Evil Outbreak ► All Cutscenes – File #1 Gameplay (RE) No Commentary – Hey my name is 20bitwill and welcome to another cutscene compilation video. This time I done Resident Evil Outbreak File #1 , the game never made it big due to being online for the PS2. Online gaming wasn’t booming back then.
Throughout this video, I’ll be showing you things like…
► Resident Evil Outbreak File #1
► All the cutscenes in Resident Evil Outbreak

Resident Evil Outbreak takes place over five scenarios ranging from the beginning of the outbreak to the moment when Raccoon City is destroyed by the United States government. The connections between scenarios are usually unclear.

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Resident Evil Outbreak, known as Biohazard Outbreak (バイオハザード アウトブレイク Baiohazādo Autobureiku?) in Japan, is a survival-horror game released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 between 2003 and 2004. A sequel to the game known as Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 was released in 2005.

It was the first Resident Evil game with multiplayer capability, using the PlayStation 2’s online network (Though, the servers have since shut down). Up to four players could participate simultaneously in one scenario; alternately, in single-player mode, the player is accompanied by two AI-controlled characters. Outbreak introduces the “virus gauge,” which limits the amount of time players may spend on a scenario. The virus gauge rises at different rates for different characters, and increases rapidly if the character is attacked or crawling on the ground

Kevin Ryman
David King
Mark Wilkins
Alyssa Ashcroft
Cindy Lennox
Yoko Suzuki
Jim Chapman
George Hamilton

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