Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S3EP7) (Part 2)

It’s the return of the Captain.

As a reward for your patience, I bring you Part 2 of Season 3 Episode 7.

Part 2: Sam has finished his error reading routine, and is found by Ricia after having his rear end struck by lightning at the hands of God. While Ricia and Sam talk, secrets are uncovered about Patrick’s previous mission, including a story about someone so evil and crazy, YouTube standards would probably pull our plug if they had a mind to. Meanwhile, Hansen still has control of the studios and I’m still there. Messenger joins me to provide support in rescuing Mary. Aid also comes to me in the form of two new characters who disguise themselves to fit in with the Communist Linux Penguin Army. Once they reveal themselves, they make it their mission to aid me in recapturing the studio until Patrick, Lock, The United Movement, and the Halcyon Army arrive. However, Colonel Vasili Hansen catches on and is not happy. This leads to Hansen ordering Fraige to hurt the United Movement. What does this mean for our heros? Will Mary and I survive? Why am I asking you all these questions?

Stay tuned for Episode 8 to get all the answers.
As always, requested errors go here:

and here:

Make sure to read THIS first:

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