I’m Already In Love With This Old School RPG! – Project Octopath Traveler – Gameplay [Olberic Path]

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Project Octopath Traveler is an upcoming 2018 role-playing adventure game being developed by Square Enix and Acquire for the Nintendo Switch. In Japan, it will be published by Square Enix,[1] while Nintendo will handle publishing worldwide. The game is scheduled for release in 2018.

Project Octopath Traveler is a role-playing game that sports a “HD-2D” aesthetic, combining 16-bit style character sprites and textures with polygonal environments and high definition effects. The game puts players in the role of one of eight adventurers, who each begin their journey in different ways. Each character has a unique command that can be used when interacting with NPCs. For example, Olberic can challenge characters to battle against him, while Primrose can allure characters to follow her, allowing her to summon them during battles.

The game features turn-based battles, in which the player can attack using different kinds of weapons or elemental attacks, as well as use abilities and items. Playable characters receive a Boost Point, of which they can store up to five at a time. During their turn, a player can use up to three Boost Points to boost a command, allowing their character to attack multiple times, raise their defense, or increase the potency of an ability. Enemies have a shield counter that lowers whenever they are attacked with a weapon or element they are weak against. When the counter is depleted, they will enter a stunned state where they can receive more damage.

Project Octopath Traveler was first announced on January 13, 2017.[3] A playable demo was released on the Nintendo eShop on September 13, 2017.[4] The game is scheduled for release in 2018.

The project was started by Masashi Takahashi and producer Tomoya Asano, who previously headed the Bravely series. Acquire was chosen as development partner for the game based on their previous work on the What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? series, which showed off their pixel art prowess. During the development process, various graphics options such as the depth, resolution, saturation, as well as other features such as whether water should be pixel or photoreal are taken into consideration to perfect the “HD-2D” look. The 8 main characters, four male and four female, are chosen to provide different party variations. All characters have different classes, and the character design, as well as the field commands, are based on different occupations in Medieval Europe. For the demo, Olberic and Primrose were chosen to be the protagonists as their stories started in a similar place, and the developers wanted people to be able to recruit the other character after beating the story.

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