Fallout 4 Mods B35C Armor – Brotherhood Of Steel Mods – Gameplay (Armor Mods)

Fallout 4 Mods B35C Armor – Brotherhood Of Steel Mods – Gameplay (Armor Mods) 👾 Hey there I am 20BitWill and this is the mod for Fallout 4 called B35C, which is a Brotherhood of Steel armor mod for the PS4 & Xbox One. Now in Fallout 4 you encounter the Brother of Steel a lot throughout the main campaign.

Once you activate the mod you have to travel to the BoS ship, The Prydwen. You have to locate Proctor Teagan and purchase each piece from him. The stuff doesn’t cost really anything so I think you can spare some caps 👻 lol ( however it will still also be at the same location at vault 111 if you chose to fight the BoS )

The B-35C was built by the Botherhood of Steel as a heavier and more protective alternative to the heavy combat armor. The bulky design and the close faced helmet with the small generator in the backpack that powers the air supply, make it perfect for heavy fire fights and long operations in dangerous or toxic terrain. Its supposed to fill the gap between big and loud power armor which every raider in the Commonwealth will hear as soon as it drops out of the vertibird and the stealth but less protective combat armor.

👾 B35C Armor Mod – http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17247/?

👾 Bethesda Fallout 4 Website –

👾 Steam Link – http://store.steampowered.com/app/377160/Fallout_4/

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