Dragon Ball Z – Villians – Discussing JANEMBA – From Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn (DBZ)

Dragon Ball Z – Villians – Discussing JANEMBA – From Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn ? Well here we are everyone , today we are going to be discussing the badass villian from the Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn movie known as Janemba. It blows that his only main appearance is in this movie, although he does appear in the DBZ video games. It is said that Super Janemba’s power level is well over 3,600,000,000,000
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Now Janemba is the main antagonist from the 12th Dragon Ball Z film, Fusion Reborn. Janemba was created when a young ogre, who was put in charge of cleaning the Soul Cleanser, neglects the machine. This caused all of the negative energy from the machine to explode and transforms the ogre into Janemba.
His first form actually seems to be called Janempa, as it is all that he says, and is referred to as such by Goku and Pikkon
Like many Dragon Ball villains, Janemba is a vigorous, destructive, temperamental, and an aggressive monster who seems to have little motivation other than sadistic pleasure In his first form, he appears more childlike and innocent but becomes much less so in his second one. Kinda like Majin Buu first did when he was released as Fat Buu, but then spit up into evil Buu.
One of the cool things about Janemba is His power over dimensions. He is capable of transforming the entire universe into his image, including the Other World. He possesses great matter manipulation powers as seen when he turns a weird stick thing into a sword. Aside from his power over dimensions and matter, he is also proved to be an accomplished martial artist, taking on both Goku and Vegeta in hand-to-hand combat, and winning
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