Dragon Ball Super – A Brief Discussion – Who Is HIT The Infallible

Dragon Ball Super Who Is HIT – A Brief Discussion – Well hello there ladies and gentlemen, today I am giving you a little bit of an insight on one of my favorite characters HIT.
Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 fighter Hit, the legendary assassin, let us dive a little into who this character is in the DBZ universe.
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Hit was a legendary hitman, who was known by his infamous moniker Hit the Infallible. From the 6th Universe. He was a member in both incarnations of the 6th Universe Team competing as a member of the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition and the Tournament of Power.
Hit was a cool, silent, keen and serious individual. A personality fitting of the strongest known fighter in the 6th Universe. Because of his personality, highly keen warriors such as Gokū and Vegeta could sense the threat Hit posed to their team, and kept their true abilities hidden until they fought him.
HIT’S Abilities
Hit was the strongest mortal in the 6th Universe, being able to easily defeat Vegeta and Son Gokū in their Super Saiyan Blue transformations. Hit’s restrained fighting style revolves around using pressure point attacks to damage his opponents’ vital points, and he was a completely physical fighter. His true style, however, involves attacking the opponent with a single strike from the front, crushing their heart. Hit was extraordinarily fast and has great strength, being able to easily incapacitate Frost. Hit was also able to survive in an environment with no atmosphere, seen when he followed Frost outside the dome to incapacitate him.

Hit has also displayed the ability to detect godly ki. He could sense Gokū’s ki while the latter was increasing his power with Super Saiyan Blue Kaiōken, detailing the increase in increments. After nearly a year of training, Hit’s powers completely outclassed Gokū’s despite his battles with Gokū Black and Zamasu, killing Gokū with one punch. Even after Gokū revived himself with his own ki blast, he had difficulty fighting Hit, and ultimately their battle ended up as a draw. Hit’s skills were so advanced, he was able to defeat Dyspo of the Pride Troopers after adapting to his speed, and Jiren considered him and Son Gokū to be the only true threats to him in the Tournament of Power.

Physical Prowess
Hit was gifted with super strength and super speed to an extremely high amount. His blows are easily able to draw blood from the likes of Super Saiyan Blue Gokū and Vegeta, even knocking out the latter. Though the most extraordinary thing about him was the sheer speed he possesses: to make effective use of his Time-Leap he needs to strike before 0.1 (later 0.5) seconds can pass. As shown against Frost, he can easily land a barrage of strikes before that time passes, showing he can move far faster than the speed of light. Hit has been shown to have small wounds disappear within minutes.

Pure Progress
One of Hit’s most impressive abilities, however, was the ability to improve continually as he fights. By fighting an opponent who was his superior, Hit’s physical capacities improve, as well as the versatility of Hit as a fighter, shown as he adjusts his stats and adapts to his opponents combat style. Hit’s Time-Leap was also shown to improve.

Despite the name, it does not involve actually moving forward into the future, so much as freezing time. Hit was able to freeze time for 0.1 seconds, enabling him to effectively reduce an opponent’s reaction time or land hits on opponents that have attacked first and thus have minimal defense. There does seem to be an interval in between uses of this technique, however.

During his battle with Gokū, Hit was able to improve his Time-Leap up to 0.5 seconds, allowing him to freeze time between 0.1 and 0.5 seconds; this improvement allows Hit to completely reduce an opponent’s reaction time as well as increase the improbability of any counter.

After a year of training, Hit’s prowess with the Time-Leap had improved immensely. He could now sustain it for minutes and engage in lengthy conversations with his targets which he could also ‘unfreeze’ from the technique while leaving the rest of the universe frozen.

After a year of training, Hit gained an entirely new ability which he showed off during his rematch with Gokū. He was able to phase through all of Gokū’s attacks without taking any damage, leaving Gokū unable to hurt him. This ability was related to, yet distinct, from his Time-Leap.

As an famous assassin he’s an expert in its craft, with a long line of successful kills under his belt. He is a master of timing, counters, and hand to hand combat. He’s highly astute and intuitive in analysis of others.

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