Jesse St Louis

Canyoneering Eaton Canyon for My FIRST Time!

I got a chance to canyoneer Eaton Canyon for my first time and despite the low flow, it was still an epic, fun day full of natural water slides, jumps and rappels down waterfalls. Eaton Canyon Falls is a popular day hike in Pasadena, but most people aren’t aware of the hidden, awesome beauty of […]

My Natural Water Slide FAILS ☹

Here’s a compilation of all my natural water slide fails. I love natural waterslides, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned. I thought this video was kind of a downer (even though it’s pretty funny) so I added a quick epic highlight reel at the end to encourage you to get out there, find […]

Devil’s Slide (DANGEROUS Natural Water Slide of Willow Creek, California)

We headed up the Willow Creek Trail of Sierra National Forest to search out the legendary, dangerous, natural waterslide known as Devil’s Slide. Many people have died attempting this slide, which makes this is one of the most dangerous natural water slides in California, but we wanted to see if it was possible to do […]

The LEDGE – Hidden Swimming Holes of Yosemite

We went searching for more hidden swimming holes in Yosemite National Park. This time, we explored near the Wawona Campground for an awesome spot called The Ledge. This swimming hole gets its name from the long granite ledge that borders the pool. We also found some other beautiful pools above The Ledge and one was […]

Yosemite Secret Swimming Hole – Fish Camp Falls

Right outside the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park in Sierra National Forest is a wonderful swimming hole spot known as Fish Camp Falls. This quick hidden gem hike leads to three amazing waterfalls with beautiful deep pools that are the perfect spot to enjoy refreshing mountain waters of the Sierra Nevada. SUBSCRIBE- THE […]

Confronting FEAR in a Remote Canyon of San Bernardino National Forest

What started off as a simple trip into the mountains of San Bernardino to look for a cool tubing spot, gradually turned into a situation where we had to confront some deep fears. As darkness fell, we were tired, hungry and overwhelmed with the physical challenge of climbing out of a steep canyon in the […]

Exploring the Beautiful Tule River of Sequoia National Forest

We explored the beautiful Tule River District of Sequoia National Forest and found amazing swimming holes, excellent natural water slides and even a grotto waterfall flowing into a cave. The perfect clear, blue pools and sand colored granite make this river a truly unique place to explore in Sequoia National Forest. SUBSCRIBE- THE GEAR […]

Nobe Young Creek Bowls and Slide – SHOCKING Reasons These Sequoia Campgrounds are Closed

I finally found the Nobe Young Creek Bowls and natural water slide in Sequoia National Forest, but was hugely disappointed to see that a lot of dispersed camping areas were closed. The reasons for the closures were unbelievable! SUBSCRIBE- THE GEAR I USE ON MY TRAVEL ADVENTURES: Outdoor Adventure Travel Videos- I […]

California Dreamin’ (Adventure Highlights in Honor of CA Statehood Day)

Here’s some of my epic highlights from adventuring around the state in honor of California Admission Day, a legal holiday here in the state of California as a day of observance annually on September 9 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1850 admission of California into the Union as the thirty-first state. California was admitted […]

Spectacular Sequoia Swimming Holes of Brush Creek

We went searching for hidden swimming holes in Brush Creek of Sequoia National Forest and found beautiful pools, natural water slides and a spectacular canyon that was surprisingly uncrowded on a holiday weekend. SUBSCRIBE- THE GEAR I USE ON MY TRAVEL ADVENTURES: Outdoor Adventure Travel Videos- I make outdoor adventure travel videos […]

CRAZIEST Natural Waterslide!!

The Wishon rock slide in Sequoia National Forest is one of the most INSANE natural water slides in the world. This crazy, adrenaline-fueled slide drops at least 30′-40′ into a clear, blue pool and is located on the Wishon Fork of the Tule River. KEEP THIS PLACE CLEAN AND PACK OUT YOUR GARBAGE! Check out […]

Remarkable Secret Waterfall – BEST in Southern California

This hidden waterfall is the absolute best kept secret in Southern California. They say there are no more hidden spots left, but this completely pristine waterfall with its deep crystal clear pool is a magnificent exception. It was an almost 10 hour round trip adventure hike up a remote canyon to experience the tremendous beauty […]

Deep Creek Cliff Jumping – Aztec Falls and The Narrows – San Bernardino National Forest

We went searching for hidden swimming holes and cliff jumping spots at Deep Creek of the San Bernardino National Forest. Most local swimming holes have dried up for the summer, but we were able to beat the heat out at Aztec Falls and the Deep Creek Narrows. This late in the season, the depth of […]

Hunting for Hidden Waterfalls GONE WRONG – Angeles National Forest

I went off trail looking for hidden waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains of Angeles National Forest and made some huge, rookie mistakes. I got banged up a little, but it could have been a lot worse. Always double check your hiking gear and make sure that you have the 10 hiking essentials. Always file […]

3 Swimming Holes at the Top of Waterfalls in Southern California

These 3 EXTREME swimming holes are at the top of some beautiful hidden waterfalls in Southern California. Climbing, bushwhacking, and an adventurous spirit are needed to reach these stunning waterfall pools. SUBSCRIBE- THE GEAR I USE ON MY TRAVEL ADVENTURES: Outdoor Adventure Travel Videos- I make outdoor adventure travel videos to inspire […]

How to find Treasure Hunt Falls

I found a secret hidden waterfall and decided to name it “Treasure Hunt Falls.” I have provided clues in the video and have written out the poem below that will lead you to the “treasure.” “In the shadow of St. Monica’s stone of sand, off the shoulder of the good herb she keeps in her […]

Looking for the HIDDEN warm springs in Warm Springs Canyon

I came across a map of all the hot springs in the United States from NOAA (link below) and decided to search for one that I hadn’t heard of before, Warm Springs Canyon. Things didn’t go as planned and I had to resort to my back up plan of searching for the natural water slide […]

The Best Waterfall You’ve NEVER Heard of – Glen Canyon Falls

I decided to tackle the amazing 3 tier waterfall Glen Canyon Falls. Even though I climbed up to the upper tiers of this waterfall, I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing that! It is a beautiful waterfall that is a lightly trafficked 12 mile round trip hike (walk) on a paved road next to the West Fork […]

Exploring California’s Central Coast – Morro Bay and Montana de Oro State Park

We explored the beautiful Central Coast of California. First we stopped by the crystal blue waters of Morro Bay to take in the sight of the world famous Morro Rock. Then we headed South to wander around the beautiful Montana de Oro State Park and discovered sea caves, tidal pools and hidden cove beaches. SUBSCRIBE- […]

I Almost Died!

Some might call these “low-lights,” I call them highlights, because despite some setbacks, I persevered. For me it’s not just about surviving, but thriving. The adrenal gland is the fountain of youth, it keeps me young and eager to find the next thrill. I always try to do it with a smile on face and […]

Beyond The Grotto – Hidden Waterfalls of Malibu

I took advantage of the recent rain and went beyond The Grotto of Circle X Ranch to search for some beautiful hidden waterfalls in Malibu. THE GEAR I USE ON MY TRAVEL ADVENTURES: Outdoor Adventure Travel Videos- I make outdoor adventure travel videos to inspire you to take your next trip and get […]