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Meltdown and Spectre How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication Google / Youtube

Meltdown and Spectre are taking over and making all systems including mobile devices security vulnerable. If you’re a content creator and care about the work you’ve been doing and everything you’ve been building. Take these simple measures that only takes a few minutes to setup to protect your future. In this video I briefly explain […]

How To: How My OBS Is Setup

Just a quick video of how my OBS is setup for game capture. Shows how I eliminate static and audio syncing issues. To Download OBS:

2017 Best Affordable Headset For [PS4-PS4 Pro-] Unboxing

So if you guys seen my last vlog my girlfriend went out and bought me these amazing headphones, the quality is amazing, I made the video while I was in a party and they told me that the sound of my voice was crystal clear. The Bass sounded really good as well, I also played […]