Allow me to introduce myself I’m Herman and I struggle with high anxiety and mild depression,
I also have a Youtube channel as well called HermanTheGreat. What do I do on this channel you may ask? Well…….
On the channel, I do vlogs, live streams and whatever else comes to my mind (trust me you don’t want to know what’s going on in here LOL). The live streams help challenge me creatively because in live streams you have to think on the fly, whereas when you post a video, you can edit it, plus live streams also help me to connect more with my community of #Hermanators. What am I all about you are wondering to yourself…..the answer is……
I believe in building people up, instead of breaking them down and I love bringing a smile to people’s faces. If I impact only one person with my videos, then I have done what I set out to do, because I’m about positivity and inspiring people.

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About The Author

Herman(YT) Join me on my journey to spread laughter to everyone and a positive message! CHECK out my channel below #positivity #smallyoutuber join my journey today!

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