First Winter ► Full Playthrough – Indie Horror Game – Gameplay Walkthrough

First Winter ► Full Playthrough – Indie Horror Game – Gameplay Walkthrough No Commentary *** Hey my name is 20BitWill and welcome to the sequel to the indie horror game called Pacific. It is pretty creepy, but yet fun game. It’s up to you to stop the world from having a nuclear winter.
Throughout this video, I’ll be showing you…
► The entire game of First Winter with both endings
► How to solve the morse code puzzle in First Winter
► And where to find all the keys and tapes

A Soviet Submarine has been intercepted in the North Pacific, 140 nautical miles west of Los Angeles. It’s unknown if the vessel is armed with Nuclear Weapons. The Soviet minister for foreign affairs insists that the Submarine is in international waters and therefore has no obligation to abandon it’s routine training exercises.

Seemingly trapped in a nightmarish reality of ever changing worlds and environments it’s up to you to figure out exactly what has happened on board the stricken submarine and to ultimately save the world from a nuclear catastrophe.

First Winter is a terrifying first person horror set in 1982 during the cold battle with a highly distinctive retro style.

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