Silent Hill Alchemilla ► Gameplay Walkthrough – Alchemilla Hospital Otherworld (No Commentary)

Silent Hill Alchemilla ► Gameplay Walkthrough – Alchemilla Hospital Otherworld Part 2 (No Commentary) – Hey my name is 20BitWill and welcome to a spooky Half Life 2 & Silent Hill combination which is the Alchemilla Mod ► Silent Hill: Alchemilla is a Half-Life 2 mod recreating the atmosphere of Silent Hill games using the Source Engine. This is not a remake of any games from the Silent Hill series. The game has an original story with its own secrets to explore.
Throughout this video, I’ll be showing you…
► A walkthrough of the Silent Hill Mod Alchemilla
► The 3rd major puzzle in the Alchemilla game
► How to solve the puzzles & key locations in Alchemilla
► How To solve The Judgment Puzzle
► The boss fight in the Silent Hill Alchemilla other world

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Silent Hill Alchemilla ► (Half Life 2 Mod) Gameplay Walkthrough – Alchemilla Hospital No Commentary
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