Grandma ► Full Gameplay Walkthrough – Indie Horror ( No Commentary )

Grandma ► Full Gameplay Walkthrough – Indie Horror ( No Commentary ) – Hey my name is 20BitWIll and welcome to a freaking scary game called Grandma. The atmosphere of this game is amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I jumped.
Throughout this video, I’ll be showing you …
► The full gameplay of Grandma
► All jumpscares that are in Grandma

Based far out into the country Maria has to face a horrific challenge by saving her sister and to revisit her passed away Grandma’s house. The all New nightmare is here and it’s waiting for you, Experience the all new Grandma!!!. Turn off your lights, put on your headphone’s and watch out for GRANDMA!

Grandma was made by one person, story written by Maria Boardwine.

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