Dragon Ball FighterZ Cooler ► The Reveal Trailer (PS4,XBOX,PC) 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ Cooler ► The Reveal Trailer (PS4,XBOX,PC) 2018 *** Hey my name is 20BitWill and this happens to be the Cooler reveal trailer which is some new DLC for the game Dragon Ball FigherZ. For those who don’t know Cooler is Frieza’s older brother.
Throughout this video, you’ll be seeing…
► The game Dragon Ball FigherZ
► The reveal of Cooler from the DBZ movie Cooler’s Revenge
► Some gameplay within the trailer of some of Cooler’s attacks

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Cooler (クウラ Kūra) is the titular main antagonist in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge and an emulation of him acts as the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. He is the older brother of Frieza and the eldest son of King Cold. Like his brother, he can push his body through transformations. Also, like Frieza, Cooler gains a biomechanical form, but this is gained from merging with the Big Gete Star.

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Cooler’s appearance in his base form is similar to that of Frieza’s Final Form, though Cooler’s skin is deep-purple as opposed to the pure white of his brother. Cooler is also much taller than Frieza, being similar in height to Goku. Along with this, Cooler has a distinctively more masculine appearance than that of Frieza, who is more lean-built (excluding the engorged muscle mass when at 100% full power). Cooler also sports several armor-like carapaces on his chest, shoulders, shins, and head; these are apparently natural given how they too change when he transforms.

Cooler Newshot

When he transforms, however, his body undergoes great changes as opposed to his base form, his chest and muscle-mass have expanded greatly, to a degree similar to that of Frieza’s Second Form. His white carapace also changes, with the chest-plates shoulder pads becoming hoop-like in shape, while the white carapaces on his wrists change drastically, gaining dark-blue sections and procuring blade-like protrusions. Perhaps Cooler’s most distinguishing characteristic in this form, however, is the change in the carapace he has on his head, which in this form completely encases his entire head except for his eyes, his mouth being covered behind something reminiscent of a visor, four spikes extend from his cranium and there is a large dark-blue section in the middle of his head.

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