Upcoming Horror Games 2018 | Typical Nightmares – Teaser trailer

►Available: May 2018

►Typical Nightmares On Steam:
►We’ve all had recurring nightmares, terrorizing us night after restless night. John, the main protagonist, has them too. But for John, it’s different. Problems that disturb him not only in dreams, but also in reality, have blended together, creating an essence that begins to pose an enormous threat. He does not understand his torment and what is happening to him, how to sort things out and what he’s got to do. Everything that is happening around him is very strange and unsettling.
►John has no one to turn to for help. His wife doesn’t want to listen, she has problems of her own. He’s got no friends, and his relationships with his parents, as well as his colleagues, are tense. It’s like nobody cares about him at all. But is that really so? Only you can help John!
►You’ll have to help him make hard moral decisions, because everything that happens in dreams has consequences in real life. What is this essence and what does it want from him? Will John have enough courage to go into his fears and change his nightmarish life? You’ll have to find the answers in the atmospheric plot thriller Typical Nightmare.
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