Amazon Gift Card Giveaway $100 | 4 Youtubers Every 72 Hours Gains Subscribers ? $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 2/21/18 ?Enter Renes Amazon Gift Card Giveaway for $125
Recently YouTube announced new regulations and rules. The new YouTube Partnership Program requirements are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of YouTube watch time within the last 365 days. The Deadline is 2/20/18 for me to get 1k subscribers. The winner will be contacted and announced 2/21/18 Please have some way for me to be able to reach you. I will contact the winner by e-mail or comment section of the video. I take video and snap shots of sending the gift card to the winner. The winner must also confirm receiving the gift card in the comment section of the video.

I’m well over the watch time requirements but I don’t meet the subscriber requirement. So I’m here asking for help.. This will be my second $100 Giveaway the last one Ivan won. I will be using the YouTube Revenue of my last payment to fund this giveaway. I hope to make it into the YouTube Partnership which will help me to continue to buy new equipment for better content and future giveaways.

Best Options to gain the Most Entries

1. Subscribe to My Channel 700 entries

2. Watch 2 YouTube Videos in the entry section. You can watch both once a day, daily for 30 entries each. If possible watch for at least 2 minutes please.

I will update and change the videos daily for different content

​Rules are simple subscribe to my Youtube channel (The only requirement to enter) & I recommend Leaving a comment on the YouTube Video.

Absolutely No BOTS! I will be contacting winner and verifying several ways..

You can be in whatever country to enter but! you must tell me which amazon you want me to send you the gift card on if you have a preference other then US.

You have to comment on the video for the giveaway and let people know you have be chosen as the winner. Once you receive the Gift Card then confirm on the video in the comment section that you’ve received it. Shop using my affiliate Link and you can support my growth free at no cost. Thank you! My Amazon shop
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you all!

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